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Complaint: My Jeep’s transfer case seal broke. The dealer said the they needed to fix the seal but also replace the case due to the seal braking and not having fluid in the case. He said I call the warranty company and they said that it is not covered because and internal lub part didn’t cause the failure. But they well cover replacing the seal. So they will cover the seal but not the damage from the seal leaking. It cost me out of pocket 2300 dollars for a new transfer case. I had an inspector to come to the shop and I had to pay the dealer to take apart the transfer case to show proof that the case had damage from the seal. After having my car in the shop for a week. I could not get a report on what he found. I could get a hold of anyone form the warranty company. I had to pay the dealership to get y car. The Dealership said he doesn’t understand why it would be paid. It is a clear case. The seal failed, transmition fluid leaked out. The bearing heated and damage resulted. When I argued the point the CSR hung up. The supervisor was not available. The claims department wanted to send the inspector out. I COULD NEVER get a copy of his report. They NEVER TOLD ME WHY THE CLAIM WAS DENIED. When I tried to find out WHY, they said I was not entitled to that information. ALSO, THEY as the manufactory warrant when I purchased it. THEY are the BIGGEST Ripoff. Gina severn, MarylandU.S.A.

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