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Complaint: Purchased land on EBAY thinking I was safe and protected only to be screwed over and get nothing. These people offer lies and nothing more. I checked to see if they owned the deed and they do, but after paying I got excuses one after another saying it was on its way. Andrew or Adrian Vilcnskas and his mother Liudvika are con artist that take advantage of the trust of others to fill their pockets. They have no soul or emapthy and will screw over anyone. I am a hard working mother taking care of a 2 year old and a ill husband that has cancer. These people stole our savings without thought. It has been one month and no DEED or anything to show it was sent to the recorder. And advice or help would be awesome or if you have been a victom please let me know. I am going to go after these people with everything I got and persue them with the full extent of the law. I will never buy land on the net esp EBAY they are just as much at fault not offering any kind of back groudn checks on their sellers and allow them to use EBAY as a tool to rip people off. TLC US, LLC andrius vilcinskas, Jura Vilcinskas, Jura L Vilcinskas, Liudvika Vilcinskas Sold me land on ebay, after I paid they kept the money and never gave me the deed to the land. I got numerous excuses of why he didnt have it. Also told it was on its way for almost a month. Ebay does not cover land on there return policies so I am screwed. I have more then enough evidence to show I paid and got nothing in return. His mother and him work out of Michigan now selling ghetto homes that are trash. They also bid on there own properties to get you for all they can. I even plead for the money or my land deed telling them about my husbands health problems and being the only provider of him and a 2 year old. He laughed at me and has no empathy. These people are animals of the worst kind and are here on earth to only cause pain and suffering so they can drive nice cars and live off our hard earned money. They show proof of the best kind like they own the land ect… But when it comes to transferring deeds they just keep your money and laugh

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