While reading the details about a scam listed under the Scam Tracker, I am conducting research while seeking legal online employment opportunities, I came across a scam that sounded so familiar to me. The name of the business is and they really had me fooled. I can’t help but think the company listed under Victim Postal Code 14589 is the same company with a different name. The method of operation, beginning so-call employees with $25 and supposedly allowing withdrawals after reaching $300, instantly caught may attention and when I read about what the individual went through trying to cash out their monies, it was oh so FAMILIAR! The survey, required purchase, and then the error page are all of the things I went through when I attempted to withdraw money when I reached $350! This company needs to be stopped because it preys on the vulnerability of unemployed individuals seeking a means to earn an income online. It would be really helpful if there was a list compiled of all legitimate work from home companies and placed on website so that individuals could get a sense of trust while viewing it.

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