TLC US, LLC rogue river Oregon


Complaint: Purchased land on EBAY thinking I was safe and protected only to be screwed over and get nothing. These people offer lies and nothing more. I checked to see if they owned the deed and they do, but after paying I got excuses one after another saying it was on its way. Andrew or Adrian Vilcnskas and his mother Liudvika are con artist that take advantage of the trust of others to fill...

Eastern Michigan Landscaping Brighton Michigan Review


Eastern Michigan Landscaping was hired to add a porch and install landscape lighting. The work was complete in August 2014. In Sept. 2014 many of the light no longer worked. I attempt to contact Jamie from Eastern Michigan Landscaping at least a dozen times and he would never return my calls or messages. Jamie finally contacted me in November 2014 and gave every excuse in the book why he...

5 Star Resorts Austin Texas Review


I’m the primary owner for a timeshare called westgate blue tree resorts and my ex-husband is the secondary owner. This is the 3rd company I’m reporting fraud. We had a man name rev. benjamin graham from 5 star resorts contacted us to help us sell our timeshare. We agreeded to let this company help so we signed and paid for the contract on 08-04-2009. Everything was going well at first...

ANZ Group ,Happy Baby Store ANZ Group, LLC Online Order Alert Manalapan, New Jersey COLUMBUS Ohio Review


We ordered the Tabby Kitty Wubbanub for our daughter. I haven’t received it yet status states that it has been approved but not shipped it’s been a week and a half and still haven’t heard anything. I call the number listed and I get the same message a lot of people are reporting that they have been understaffed and sorry for the delay, however they have hired more help. I call...

Stacey Sedrel – Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa


This woman Stacey Sedrel has gone through more men than Taco Bell goes through toilet paper. She lives with them for a few months than leaves them wrecked. If your man is taken she doesn’t mind she will do just about anything for attention. She’s a ho and on the weekends she doesn’t have her kid she might take your man.

WARRENTY DIRECT severn Maryland


Complaint: My Jeep’s transfer case seal broke. The dealer said the they needed to fix the seal but also replace the case due to the seal braking and not having fluid in the case. He said I call the warranty company and they said that it is not covered because and internal lub part didn’t cause the failure. But they well cover replacing the seal. So they will cover the seal but not the...

FSD . Sweepstakes Federal Storage Depot


They contacted me on Instagram and I was told that I had won over a million dollars and a BMW car, they said I need not pay a thing but later in there process asked me for personal information including my bank account number and routing number, I didn’t give it to them and I info them that I needed verifiable information about there organization , these people in my opinion are nothing...

Ken Peters baltimore


Complaint: Richie Wylie of KNAS FOODS represents himself as a food broker, distributor and sales arm. He collects a “refundable”” NOT! and never does anything he promises. He asks for samples of your product in order to make sales calls and never makes the first one. He is evasive does not respond to emails and calls. This is a complete fruadulent operation. DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN...

Geek Network Solution


My elderly mother was contacted by phone and told that her computer was being hacked and that she had a virus. She thought that it was the people from the McAffee antivirus software that she already had on her computer. They told her that they needed her computer password to get into her computer and clear up the viruses. They deleted McAffee and installed Symantec software and then told her they... coon rapids Minnesota Review


I paid for one item in and they put it on hold for 2 weeks then they raised the price and charged me more and then it took them two weeks to send this item. nwhen i got the item its was not working dead. i ship it back for my money and they recived it. when i called them 2 month later no answers on my phone or email and no item in thire web site. it sais my item is shipped and...