Home buyer beware!


Entered into a contract to purchase a beautiful townhome with this builder in 2016 in Florida. The site wasn't developed and the time frame K Hov stated was about a year away. I was ok with that, after all, the renderings and site plan were amazing! I monitored the progress, visited the dirt pile where the construction would take place constantly. Fast forward 18 months later and finally the dirt...

A+ Cleaners


THIS PLACE IS EXTREMELY RUDE AND THEIR QUALITY OF WORK IS EXTREMELY POOR! DONu2019T WASTE YOUR MONEY! THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR GARMENTS AND OFFER ZERO SATISFACTION! FIND A DIFFERENT DRY CLEANERS, BECAUSE THIS PLACE IS AWFUL! I brought my black suit (worn only once) to A+ Cleaners (Cross Keys Location, on Lindbergh in Florissant) on Wednesday because I needed it for a funeral on Saturday. Upon...

Active Hemp Purchased one year ago


Active Hemp Purchased one year ago Unauthorized charges without making a purchase after the trial is over Florida!!. I completed my trial purchase for the 5.00 which the product does not work in October 2018. I did not order any more nor did I authorize any more product of the 250 mg Active Hemp CBD oil. I receive a notice in January 2019 the company had charged the 75.00 to my card and sent a...

Excel International Complaint


Below message all bogus, , , , please donvt believe all United kingdom : total 5 lacs 40 thousand Registration amount 40, 000 / - After offer letter : 1, 00, 000 / - After appointment letter : 1, 00, 000 / - After visa :1, 50, 000 / - 1, 50, 000 / - (Total salary deduction x 6 months) 3. Company provisions and free of cost facilities (Including accom. Food, and trasport) Service charge includes...

Queen Of Roses Review


These guys are SCAM. All their site and pictures are BS. THEIR IG FOLLOWERS ARE ALL FAKE. They ruined my Valentine's Day, showed at 15 min ago at almost 8 pm, when I missed my dinner reservation at lorenza and delivered some [censored] junk of 1000 flowers I had bought that looks nothing like the picture and about to fall apart. I'm sending pix and videos to press and news channels to blow up... Review


I aswered a job posting in Craigslist for a PCB designer. I recevied several pieces of equipment and schematic of the work they wanted to do by a Max Roycroft at Vally Dynamo. After I spent two weeks on a part time baisis, he failed to pay for any work. Not sure what the scam is but it cost me some time. Tried contacting the main office but there web server is down. This review...

Brakes For Less #7


Brakes For Less #7 Advertised Free Air Condition Inspection Check But Charged Me $68.50 Chattanooga Tennessee!!. I saw them on TV, and Brakes For Less advertised a free air condition inspection, After the inspection I was infomed that my vehicle needs a compressor drier and orfice with A/C flush. I was then handed a bill where they charged me $59.95 for labor and $3.00 for shop supplies and $5.55...

Diet Supplements ENSS


I first received an e-mail offering a bottle of CBD Tincture 250MG oil and pay $5.95 shipping only. That was about a month ago. Yesterday I received the above items (6) of oil capsules and another bottle of CBD Oil. They listed no phone number. I have not yet received my credit card bill but will soon. I expect I will be billed for this shipment/ | I contacted LifeLock by telephone today and...

Nintendo of America Inc Review


I have been reported so many time by Miiverse Administrators that I feel were in violation of my Freedom of Speech. My latest concern though was that I had three comments that were deleted they claimed was included criminal activity. I was talking to someone about the website and the number of games they could play. Because Nintendo is offended by the words "emulators" and "hacked" you...



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