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STAY AWAY FROM NEOTERIC UK BEEN 11 MONTHS ON A 2 MONTH PROJECTS… Due to Neoteric UK unethical approach to business they are tying to bully me to pay for an 11 month delayed job without compensation! ***They refused to refund my deposit and wont give me the source code for my site because they want me to pay for an 11 months delayed project without compensation or apologies**** The far you stay away from NEOTERIC UK the better you life will have peace. It is now 11 month when I contracted Neoteric UK to develop my website. In the contract they promise that it will be done within 2 month that were supposed to be the end of September 2014. Oh dear! I think this is June 2015, they still have not been able to deliver on this project. It got to a point today June 1 2015, that I asked them to send me the source code and file so I can give it to another developers to work on it. They refused their Director stated that they want the balance that is left to be paid, however what they have forgetting are: 1. The job is not completed and the reason I want another developers is because they do not have the skill to deliver a fully functioning site that will have no bugs. 2. They have forgotten that within my contracts the project should have been done within 8 weeks rather than 11 months. 3. they have forgetting that I have lost sales and potential customers due to their incompetencies 4. they have forgotten that I have incurred some charges/invoices/legal advise due to their abilities not to pay attention to details and their stop and start methods with the project. With all these been said, it becomes clears to me that NEOTERIC UK directors are only interested in the CASH they are not interested in delivering a fully completed project. To them it’s all about the dollars not about the customer experience and journey. If you happen to deal with them make sure you have the followings in place: 1. Add your own terms and conditions including late payment clauses and interest on your deposit then get them to sign it before you make a penny payment 2. Every single discusses must be in written because they make a promise today and tomorrow something have already pick it out of their brain deliberately. 3. Pays 50 % deposit rather than their asking of 70% ***If you are reading this, I will be adding links and how I feels about the individuals that I have dealt with in Neoteric UK including their director who all they care for is money, money, money. I will also name names and shame them in these links from *** who I was with for a conference call but was chatting to a friend on Skype about a girl/lady to ****** the directors who is all about money and **** who is a minister without portfolio. These links will be added this week****

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