Lily Giron Lawton, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This piece of trash is Lily. She’s clearly a whore. She works with my husband of almost 7 years. || I noticed about 6 months ago that my husband was being really possessive about his phone, which was a red flag, so I checked out phone records and noticed a ridiculously outrageous amount of text messages between him and a specific number. I called the number and she didn’t answer (shocking!) but her voice mail picked up. When I confronted him, he had the audacity to get mad at me for checking our phone records (really, dude?). After some screaming and yelling, fast forward to now, I have moved out and the two of them are living together! || And the kicker? They’re both in the military, which means their extracurricular activities are super illegal and could get them super demoted and/or fired! || I don’t really see what he finds attractive about her platypus lips and that pig snout on her face that she refers to as a nose, but whatever. I ain’t gonna lie, I was pretty pumped when I saw how ugly she was.

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