Karen Deng – Pocatello Idaho Karen Deng Fuji owner Idaho


KAREN DENG- Pocatello, Idaho Like 2 months ago I found out my husband Jesse Carrillo, the manager at Teton Honda in Pocatello, Idaho cheated on me with a married woman, Karen Deng, the wife of the Fuji owner in Chubbuck. I caught them cheating at the Hampton Inn Hotel. I went in to Fuji to talk to her husband about all this and show him pictures but he doesn’t know English because he’s Chinese. She has 3 children and I just recently had a miscarriage with my husband Jesse who apparently “loved me” but didn’t think twice about sleeping with her. They both knew about my situation and still decided to keep the affair going. Karen would give my boys and I free desert and discounts when we would go eat at Fuji. Not only did she take my husband but, also tried getting with my neighbor. He was so noble to inform me about this but, he told her he wasn’t interested as he has a beautiful wife and knows the type of trash Karen is. A few months before she got with my husband, she tried to get with my younger brother. Who is also happily married. He loves and respects his wife but, even with Karen screwing my husband and my brother turning her down over and over she kept trying to get with him it got so bad my brother and his wife had to stop going there. I work 6 days a week and never would have caught my husband if my client didn’t luckily see him and her. Be aware if you come to see Jesse and buy a car. Karen’s husband bought a van from Jesse. So Jesse slept with a customers wife who apparently is known to try to sleep with everyone’s husband.

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