Eastern Michigan Landscaping Brighton Michigan Review


Eastern Michigan Landscaping was hired to add a porch and install landscape lighting. The work was complete in August 2014. In Sept. 2014 many of the light no longer worked. I attempt to contact Jamie from Eastern Michigan Landscaping at least a dozen times and he would never return my calls or messages. Jamie finally contacted me in November 2014 and gave every excuse in the book why he didn’t contact me. Too busy, marriage issues, upnorth putting his boat away and winterizing his cottage. He said it was to late in the year and would have to fix any problems in the Spring. Spring 2015 called Jamie again numerous times and he finally called me back after about 10 calls. He finally made it out in the June timeframe and supposedly fixed the problem. He said system was installed wrong by his people and not wired right. For my inconvience he offer some mulch at supposedly his cost but insisted he be paid in cash. Hmmm! October 2015, many of the light no longer work once again! Have attempted to call Jamie numerous time and he will not respond. He always wants his money the minute the work is done but forget about customer service. In the end I spent $1000 for a faulty landscape lighting system that doesn’t work. When he sold it to me he said they last for years. I can’t get mine to work for more than 3-4 months.

**** *. *** Owosso, , Michigan USA




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