Community Management Group Ladson South Carolina


Complaint: Received a letter from CMG in April saying I did not pay my HOA dues. 10 May I responded via FAX to their company fax with a letter and bank statement. I did not hear anything and received a bill now my. interest and fees doubled the amount due from $170 to almost $400 due. We only pay $96 a years (nothing here) and somehow there was a special assessment of $68.XX I have email’d her with one response but when I asked when and at what rate they add “admin fees””

Tags: Home Owner Associations

Address: interest

Website: (843) 795-8484

Phone: late fees and that I am requesting an itemized summary as the SC HOA laws state we can and to substantiate these fees I never heard back from her……..but some cheesy lawyer sent us a letter stating I owe this. I double checked with my bank in Feb 2010 that all these checks cleared and they said “”YES””. Beware of this “”Community Management Group”” in James Island.”

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