CIBUS ENERGY LLC NELSON J RAMIREZ NON PERFORMERS AND DECEIT Miami Florida!!. My client engaged this company in order to buy refined petroleum products from it. Over the course of a 10 day period Nelson Ramirez assured my client that his company had the product in storage tanks and his company was the titleholder. He even informed my client that he had in his possession an independent fresh Quality and Quantity report that he had paid for. As a result of the statements made by Nelson Ramirez my client organised exit logistics for the fuel and prepared funds to pay for the fuel. It subsequently transpired that Nelson Ramirez had nothing and it was all lies and deceit. Cibus Energy LLC is looking to use the financial capability and exit logistics of its buyers to try to purchase fuel for itself and then resell it. STAY AWAY FROM HIS COMPANY AND NELSON RAMIREZ, THEY ARE BOTH TIME WASTERS, NON-PERFORMERS, LIARS AND DECEITFUL

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