Charmonde Cane Manpower Corporation Review


This maid agency Charmonde Cane ( is a scam artist. They put up a nice website and talk to you nicely and very attentive at the start especially when you are about to pay them. So they are very fast in reacting and very attentive. But when you have problems such as replacement and I ask them to replace they make kinds of excuses that they don’t have enough applicants, and the maid to be replaced is not that kind of person, they will find all kinds of excuses to not replace. They advertise that they will replace up to 3 times but they will never honour this, they even dare clients to sue them and they will beat them at all cost. They dont care about customer retention and care about customer happiness. they only care about is collecting the 10k pesos fee which is 40% higher than everyone else in the market. I suggest you all not to work with this agency ever again.

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