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BDS or Fox Shocks Sold me shocks that rusted within 3 weeks Michigan!!. I recently purchased 3 steering stabilizer shocks from BDS ( Fox Shocks ) for my Ford F-250 only to see them rust within 3 weeks. After speaking with my dealer here in Texas for weeks concerning this, he finally gave me the number to BDS because he was having no luck getting them warrantied. I spoke with Travis at BDS and after viewing the sweet pics i took of his worthless product, he was more than happy to tell me what i wanted to hear. This was unacceptable and usually they do not warranty cosmetic damage but would do so in my case. He told me he would work it out with my dealer and the dealer would get back to me. My dealer calls me and informs me of the new deal. BDS will gladly sell me the upgraded stabilizers that do not rust for an additional charge, plus shipping, and take back my 3 rusty pieces of crap ,after i paid shipping for them too. Also , that it may take up to a month for me to see the money placed back on my card. What a deal! What really gets me is that Travis told my dealer that he had already discussed all of this with me and that i understood it perfectly. That conversation never happened. If this was my business, there would be 3 new stabilizers waiting on this client with our apologies for his inconvenience. Thats how business is done, not like this. Just for reference, i had these put on 8/07/2018 and finally got word of this “new deal” on 10/22/2014…i have ALL paperwork and some really nice pics i can share with 4×4 forums, etc….

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