American Recovery (RC Investments) 2009


I received a call on 09-13-2016 from a female her name was Becca and she stated that I was granted and entitled to receive a federal grant from american recovery RC Investment 2009 in the amount of $900.00 but in order to receven this grant we need you to pay a registration fee in the amount of 250.00 which I would receive that back along with the 900,00 all free for a total of $1150.00 all free and clear .but before that could happen just a few things I needed to do first I would have to get three iTunes reloadable debit cards one for 50.00 and the other two with $100,00 on each now once I did this I could rest assured that the money will get deposited in the federal Reserve bank which I can call now and speak to a representative at the federal Reserve bank and once payment of conformation is made the federal grant money will be deposited into my bank account ,the phone number I was given to call was 646-653-0183 the name of the gentleman was David Hall badge number #IGY74921 I never received the money naturally and I called the number back that was given to me and the gentleman said he just receives the registration process of payment and the rest is up to RC INVESTMENT and he was unable to provide me with any contact info for the company claiming to provide me with $1150.00 so I was a victim of this scam and hope that I will at least receive my payment back and that these scammer be caught and prosecuted to the fullest ..thank you sincerely Jackie cordova

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