Accu-Metrics Grand Chute


Complaint: I first paid $99.00 to give a saliva sample for DNA testing. My return letter wanted another $125.00 to review my sample and send me the results. That in itself was a RIPOFF–wanting another $125.00+to analyse my sample!! That additional cost was not in the fine print of the online offer for DNA testing..which meant without paying the additional fee, you could not get your report. You were screwed!! I paid the $125.00. Anyway, I sent a request to the provided e-mail address for a complete analysis of my report for ID: @1233xxx PIN: 74xxx I have tried 3 times and still haven’t heard back from them. My first request was sent 11/2016!! Almost 2 YEARS AGO!! I WANT ANSWERS…..I spent $224.00….they owe me that much.

Tags: Medical Laboratories, Ripoff- Internet, Services

Address: 1232 Kingston Road Toronto, Ontario, M1N 1P3 Canada


Phone: 877-842-4827

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