5 Star Resorts Austin Texas Review


I’m the primary owner for a timeshare called westgate blue tree resorts and my ex-husband is the secondary owner. This is the 3rd company I’m reporting fraud. We had a man name rev. benjamin graham from 5 star resorts contacted us to help us sell our timeshare. We agreeded to let this company help so we signed and paid for the contract on 08-04-2009. Everything was going well at first. mr. graham stated that we did had an offer that someone wanted to buy it and all the paper work was filled out. He stated this was a guarrante deal that were going to get 37,000 and he was going to send us to a local title place in our city to fill out the paper work and also send the money directly into our account. He gave us this loacal number to call him only 760-931-4727 instead of the national number 1-888-702-0121. Everytime we called him or his secretary Kim would say were going to call you on Wedensday to close this out but they kept saying that every week. The local number gotten disconnted. Now I finally called the national number and they stated that he moved his office and he can’t be reach. They said we never did had an offer. Then somebody else said we did but they back out because they couldn’t afford it. This is fraud and we want our money back and justice to be done. Donnea Austin, Texas

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